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To continue Pilates online or go back to face-to-face classes?

As we all gradually ease out of lockdown and shops and restaurants, gyms and swimming pools start to reopen, it feels a bit like ‘normal’ life is resuming.

I don’t know about you but, while I’m really excited to be able to go out and do certain things again, there are a few elements of lockdown I’ve come to treasure; no commuting, more leisurely mornings, working from home, more family time, more time spent in nature, the list goes on.

I’ve enjoyed taking part in online classes from home, including HIIT, spinning and yoga. Thank you so much to everyone who has attended my online Pilates classes - I’ve loved teaching from my ‘den’ in the study!

However I’m aware that it’s much harder to give you personal feedback when you’re just on a little Zoom screen.

Tell me what you think

I’d love to know what you think. Have you got used to being able to take part from the comfort of your home?

Or do you miss the social side of Pilates, and the personal corrections and feedback you get from a real, in-person class?

Would you be interested in doing Pilates outdoors somewhere instead?

I may continue to offer online classes anyway for those who have joined the class from many miles away, but it would be useful to know how many of you are keen to return, with the correct safety measures, to indoor classes.

Please fill in my quick survey – just 7 questions (I’ve repeated my feedback survey questions from this time last year too) – by Monday 10th August.

I’ll let you know the plan based on your feedback very soon!

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